What if you could slim down with insight, not willpower?

What if you loved getting dressed in the morning? And if you were eager to throw on your swimsuit and hop in the pool with your kids? What if you could be in a better mood? And could have a normal relationship with food without the diet roller coaster? My 12 week coaching course is designed to help you with all of this and more.

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Feeling Great should not be optional.

It’s not bad to want to feel good!  You live in your body every day of your life. ENJOYING how you feel – and yes, how you look – in this one body of yours is not superficial. No way!  In fact, I believe if you want to live at your highest potential, feeling good in your body is non-negotiable.

If you feel like:

  • You’re either eating all the things OR over-restricting on the next new diet
  • You can’t trust yourself with sweets, snacks, or wine in the house
  • You’ve tried to just be happy with your body, but inevitably end up dissatisfied
  • You wonder if it’s vain or wrong to want to lose weight
  • You use food to numb or buffer your feelings
  • You are open to hearing what God says about you, your body, and your relationship with food
Then my coaching is for you.

What My Clients Say

Leah’s coaching program has renewed my hope for change as it’s the first time I’ve had tangible, practical training on how to manage my thoughts… I have more mental energy … I am practicing self discipline from a place of satisfaction and positivity instead of self-hatred and punishment. The tools I’ve learned are changing the way I think and act around food and they are also changing the way I view my spouse and behave in my marriage… I wish everyone could experience the basic tools of awareness I’ve learned in only 6 weeks!

– Adrienne P.  

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“What you talk about has made a huge difference in how I behave with food.” – Instagram Follower

– Instagram Follower.  

“Your coaching wisdom combined with your knowledge of Scripture is a gold mine.”

– Client.  

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